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  • No final selling fees. No final selling fees. Only pay to list for 20 days world wide advertising.

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  • Aircraft Planes Helicopters Balloons etc
  • Antiques
  • Art, Paintings, Sculpture etc
  • Baby
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Bicycles, Mountain Bike, Road, Jump etc
  • Boats, Sail Boats and Yachts
  • Books, Comics and Magazines
  • Business, Office and Industrial
  • Camping, Caravanning and Motorhomes RV
  • Car, Truck and Van Sales
  • Car, Truck, Van Accessories and Spare Parts
  • Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and Designers
  • Coins , Money and Insurance
  • Collectables
  • Computing, IPad, Tablet, Desktop and Laptop
  • Crafts
  • Disabled
  • DIY And Tools
  • Dolls and Bears
  • DVD, Film and TV
  • Electrical home
  • Farming
  • Film, TV, Music, Theatre Memorabilia
  • Fishing, Sea, River and Lakes
  • Food and Wine
  • Furniture Modern and Traditional
  • Gaming
  • Garden and Outside living
  • Health Products
  • Holidays, Hotels, Villas, Beach, Adventure and Short Breaks
  • Home and Inside living
  • Houses, Apartments and Flats
  • Jewellery and Watches
  • Mobile and Home Phones
  • Motor cycles, Road, Motocross, Trials etc
  • Music CDs and Downloads
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pet items
  • Photography, Digital, Film etc
  • Pottery, Porcelain and Glass
  • Sporting Goods, Equipment and Clothing
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Stamps
  • Tickets for Concerts and Travel
  • Toys and Games
  • Vehicle Personal Registration Plates

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No final selling fees. Only pay to list for 20 days world wide advertising. UK registered company. You can swap and exchange items or take money as full or part payment.


  1. Must I register to use eswap4u?
  2. How do I register?
  3. How do I log in for the very first time?
  4. How do I log in?
  5. What should I do if I forget my login details like my password?
  6. How do I create a Swap advert?
  7. How do I pay for my Swap Advert?
  8. How do I create a great swap advert?
  9. How do I use a voucher?
  10. How do I view my archived swaps?
  11. What is my profile & ratings?
  12. Where are my transactions - invoices stored?
  13. How do I ask a question/make an offer?
  14. How do I know if I have any messages?
  15. How do I make a Wish and how does it all work?
  16. How do I searching for WISHES?
  17. How do I searching for SWAPS?
  18. What is 'LATEST LISTING'?
  19. Can I use my mobile device?

Must I register to use eswap4u?

  • Whilst some areas can be accessed without registering, all of the key features of this site are only available to those who are registered.
  • To become a part of our community, click 'REGISTER AN ACCOUNT' at the very top of the page and complete the registration form.

How do I register>

  • Click 'REGISTER AN ACCOUNT' then complete the 'REGISTER' form.
  • Once at the Register page follow the step by step easy instructions.
  • You'll need to be at least 18 years old.
  • You will need a valid email address to register.
  • We check and tell you if the USERNAME is available.
  • To submit your register application press 'CREATE MY FREE ACCOUNT'.
  • On a successful account register you'll then see a welcome note: 'Congratulations your new account has been created.'.

How do I login for the very first time?

  • You will receive an email 'Welcome to eswap4u.com' follow the instructions and you'll be taken to 'ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT', again follow the onscreen instructions

How do I login?

  • Enter your registered username and password. (Remember: these are case-sensitive) and click 'Login'

What should I do if I forget my login details?

  • Click Forgot your login details? In 'USER LOGIN' box.
  • Enter your registered email address and user name (if you remember it) for your account and click 'Send Now'.
  • An email will be sent to you with new login details.
  • If you need extra help use the link forgottenlogin@eswap4u.com and this takes you to the 'CONTACT US' page, select 'Forgotten Login' radio button, add your Name, email address and any message and click 'Send Message'.

How do I create a swap advert?

  • Once logged in either click 'GET STARTED' on the HOME page which takes you directly to the 'ADD A NEW SWAP' page to make your new swap advert.
  • Or click 'SWAPS' on the HOME page this takes you to your very own listed swaps page 'YOUR SWAPS', you then click 'Add a new swap'.
  • Complete the form, making the advert you want and add your very own 'YouTube' video URL to the swap advert if you want.
  • Once finished click 'Add my swap now'.

How do I pay for my swap advert?

  • You'll now see the preview page where you can edit and change the advert before having to pay. Please make sure you're happy with how the advert looks and what it says.
  • You're now ready to pay for your newly made advert click 'pay for the advert now'.
  • Clicking on 'pay for the advert now' takes you to your basket where you click 'buy' taking you to the 'PAYMENT' page (an electronic invoice showing the description and advert fee you're about to pay is displayed) at which point you can cancel, or go back and edit the advert, or OK the transaction for paying.
  • After submitting OK for the payment, you're taken to PayPal to confirm payment for your ESWAP4U advert.

How do I create a great swap advert?

  • A good 'swap item title'.
  • Good photos and more than one if possible but no more than three.
  • A honest description giving good detail.
  • Add a YouTube video.
  • All of this will make your advert look great.

How do I use a voucher?

  • When in your basket payment area you'll have the ability to enter any promotional discount voucher code we're running at that time.
  • This voucher code will automatically deduct the discount promotion we're running from the standard full price advert fee/price before you have to pay.

How do I view my archived swaps?

  • If you wish to view your archived swaps please 'click here' from within 'YOUR SWAPS' page.

What is my profile & ratings?

  • Profile is all about you and within your profile you are able to change personal details, change your password and view your invoices paid to ESWAP4U.
  • Your profile ratings is managed via user feedback, users are able to comment on how well the deal was carried out and this gives you your star rating.

Where are my transactions - invoices stored?

How do I ask a question/make an offer?

  • When you have looked at a swap advert, you have the ability of either 'MAKING AN OFFER' or 'ASKING A QUESTION'.
  • Click 'ASKING A QUESTION' this allows you to message the user about the item through ESWAP4U's message system, keeping your personal email private.
  • Click 'MAKING AN OFFER' then select what you would like to offer against that item (either your listed swap items or just money).

How do I know if I have any messages?

  • When logged in to 'YOUR ACCOUNT' you will have a number displayed next to 'Messages' this shows you how many new messages you have.
  • To view your Message click on the link 'Messages'.
  • We'll also email you with a notification of any newly made offers or questions you've received.

How do I make a Wish and how does it all work?

  • Click 'WISHES'.
  • Click 'Add a new wish'.
  • Complete the form, thinking about the value and description.
  • Click 'Add my Wish'.
  • When you're in your 'WISHES' you can edit and 'Update Wish'.
  • When a new swap item is listed that matches your wish criteria your 'WISHES' page is updated displaying the item, giving you the chance of 'MAKING AN OFFER' or 'ASKING AN QUESTION'.
  • Your 'MESSAGES' are updated within your 'YOUR ACCOUNT' for viewing.
  • You'll also get an email notifying you that the item has been listed.

How do I search for wishes?

  • You can search what others are wishing for with 'search wishes' on the left.
  • 'See what othera re looking for' with the very latest search results for wishes by the users.

How do I search for swaps?

  • 'I am looking for...' allows you to search for listed swaps with the exact wording you want, you can change this search by including 'in the following category...(optional)' if you want to be more specific about the results displayed.
  • Or you can 'SELECT A CATEGORY' to give you all the results within the category, you'll probably get quite a lot by doing this.

What is 'latest listings'?

  • Displays the very latest added swaps as they come in to eswap4u.

Can I use my mobile device?

  • Yes you can.
  • ESWAP4U feels it's very important to be able to follow your online marketplace with us and the mobile version has been built to allow you enough controls to manage this. Note; you don't get everything on the mobile simply because of size constraints.
  • Just go to www.eswap4u.com and the browser system will detect that you're using a mobile device and should display correctly. Note: some devices will display better than others. If you're getting a problem then please contact us.
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