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Bear Grylls - Born Survivor: Mountains

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Bear Grylls - Born Survivor: Mountains

Bear Grylls travels to the World's most extreme Mountain ranges in this collection which features the following feature length episodes.Alaskan Mountain Range Bear Grylls has travelled the Arctic and climbed Everest. Now his challenge is the icy peaks of the Chugach Mountains Alaska one of the toughestenvironments on the planet. Ecuador Ecuador has part of the Andes mountain range huge high-altitude cloud forests and part of the mighty Amazon Jungle. Bear paraglides onto the edge of the Andes and follows rivers into the jungle to bring him face to face with huge colonies of Spear Nosed bats giant Weevil grubs and vicious Piranha. Bear builds a bamboo bridge and a bow and arrow to catch fish. But it doesn't all go his way - he's forced to ride the rapids of the Amazon on a single tree trunk.European Alps The Alps are made up of 80 000 square miles of mountains some more than 15 thousand feet high. Armed with just a knife water bottle cup and a flint to make fire Bear Grylls parachutes into this mountain range to show us how to survive. From a radical new technique which could help save lives in Crevasse zones to building a snow shelter to survive alpine storms to showing us how to escape from a fall into a frozen lake Bear Grylls puts his own very special skills to the test. Sierra Nevada The Sierras are 400 miles long and boasts peaks over 14 thousand feet high this stunning wilderness is deceptively dangerous. Become lost out here and you could quickly be struggling just to stay alive. Carrying just a water bottle and cup Bear Grylls shows us how to survive in the Sierra's three major mountainous regions.The Rockies Bear parachutes alone into a remote and wild part of the Rocky Mountains with only the clothes on his back.




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