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World Rally Championship 2011

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World Rally Championship 2011

The unique WRC Rally game is back for 2011 with the details updated for the official 2011 Championship as well as brand new modes and content.Get ready to speed, jump and drift to the end and become the World Rally Champion 2011! Game Features:The road to the WRC:Live the life of a real rally driver through the career mode of WRC 2. Start from scratch by creating your own racing team, win prestigious victories to increase your funds and improve your reputation. Among the brand new features this year, you can create your own team and manage them during your ascent to the WRC. Find the best mechanics on the market to maximize the performance of your car, hire skilled managers to unlock profitable sponsorships and strive to earn a contract with one of the WRC teams.Single Player Mode:In addition to the Single Stage, Single Rally and Championship, amongst the classic and established game modes .The new WRC Rally School has been improved in order to teach you the basics of the guide and to refine the techniques used by champions. In WRC2 now you can additionally take on the famous Super Special Stages, in which two cars compete at a time on two-parallel-lanes tracks.Hot Seat:In the Hot Seat mode, up to 4 friends can challenge each other on a Single Stage, a Single Rally or an entire Championship, playing one after the other. Who will be the local champion?Online:Play online with friends, challenging them in the Single Stage, Single Rally or Championship. Your results will affect your ranking online as you try to become the best rally driver in the world. This year, the Super Special Stage mode will also be available online... so you can challenge opponents in a 1on1 competition with updated online rankings, that will show the best "duelists" in the world.Photo Mode:Starting also this year players can capture the most exciting moments of races, through the new photo mode. Just put the game on pause, frame the car and shoot. Then if you really want to show off apply some of the many special visual effects.Rewind Effect:Didn't take the corner quite right, no problem? With this new game feature you can rewind time and return a few seconds before it all went wrong. The feature also helps inexperienced drivers master new tracksImprovements:Co-Driver:With a passion to make this the most authentic rally experience. The team at WRC2 took direction from professional co-drivers so the in-game notes have been improved in every rally, increasing the levels of information and making the timing of co-driver instructions as accurate as possible.Real Sounds:Bring the roar of the engines of the WRC cars into your living room! Thanks to the many different recording sessions performed in the field, the in-game sounds of cars have been made even more faithful to the real ones!Gameplay:The gameplay of each Special Stage has been improved thanks to meticulous attention to detail making the streets even more faithful to those of the World Rally Championship. This year you will face tight hairpin turns, rough terrains, winding curves and sudden changes to the surface conditions.Cockpit View:The cockpit view has been further enhanced with the introduction of the "look to apex." During a hairpin nothing can escape you. In fact, the view automatically pans towards the path you're driving, simulating the movements of the head of a real driver, further enhancing the feeling of realism.Graphics and Lighting:Graphics and environmental lighting are now showing more vivid colors, making all the tracks more real and realistic. The environment is rich in vegetation, which produces some wonderful effects of light and shadow. The introduction of the "haze" effect also enhances the scenery.Real Environment:Powerful vehicles, crumbling roads, changing conditions ... the new driving experience will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of rally as if you were really behind the wheel of a 300 BHP vehicle, on off-road trails, on any kind of surface.Physics and Damages:In WRC 2 we have technically improved the physics. Now the car behaves even more realistically thanks to a new suspension management system that allows the car to be more responsive to the undulation of the surface. The driving experience is much more fun, realistic and enjoyable. And we also introduced new graphics for damage thanks to an enhanced system that allows more realistic and detailed deformation following collisions.




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